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    Terra Carpatica Products

    Truffle honey

    We put the black gold of Buzau, truffles –  the treasure of the Carpathian Garden, in a small jar together with acacia honey – the golden elixir. Specially trained dogs find truffles in Buzau forest [...]
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    Terra Carpatica Products

    Rafineturi – Fine Food from Grigorescu Mansion

    We produce limited editions of premium artisanal food preserves for special culinary events or as souvenirs or gift for gourmet fans, tourists and corporate clients. Our products under the brand name “Rafineturi” – are handmade [...]

Juranda’s Homemade Romanian Food

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    Juranda's Homemade Romanian food

    Romanian country bread pie

        Bread is a sanctuary for Romanians. Like in many Mediterranean countries, bread is a must and served with nearly all dishes, especially in the countryside. Unfortunately, the quality of the majority of today’s [...]
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    Juranda's Homemade Romanian food

    Duck breast roulade with quince confit

    The quince (“gutui” in Romanian) has been a popular ingredient since medieval times. It is native to Southwest Asia, Turkey and Greece, but used since centuries in the Romanian cuisine. In recipe books you can [...]
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    Juranda's Homemade Romanian food

    “Papanasi” – Romania’s most famous dessert

    It is always a pleasure to look at the face of an expat or foreign tourist after ordering the first time papanași: This king-size doughnut building of the Carpathian Mountains, nearly impossible to eat all [...]
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    Juranda's Homemade Romanian food

    Spicy “Babic” chicken with wild garlic risotto

    Babic is a traditional spicy salami from Buzau county. The name Babic has Serbian roots and the original recipe for this homemade sausages comes probably from Serbia. The legend says that Napoleon, retreating from a [...]
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    Juranda's Homemade Romanian food

    “Moldovan Mucenici” – A traditional dessert

    March is an important month in the Romanian tradition. March means the start of spring and start of the agricultural season. People clean their houses and burn the winter garbage in the garden. Long before [...]

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Our Events/ Evenimentele noastre

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    Our events

    Truffe Season Opening

    An exclusive culinary event in Buzau forest – organised by Terra Carpatica: Truffle hunting – Cooking show with Horia Virlan and Jakob Hausmann –  8 course truffle dinner – wine tasting – Presentation of truffle [...]
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    Our events

    Grape Harvest Brunch – Dealu Mare – 2014

    In 2014, Terra Carpatica organised the Grape Harvest Brunch at the Dealu Mare winery LacertA. More than 300 participants joined the event. Several busses with members of the international expat community and embassies arrived from Bucharest. The [...]
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    Our events

    Wedding in the Carpathian Forests – 2016

    In 2016, Terra Carpatica organised a country-side wedding at one of the most amazing places in the Carpathians – a luxury estate in the middle of the forest. A beduine stretch tent hosted the exlusive [...]

Carpathian Plants/ Plante carpatine

Carpathian Fruits & Plants

Lemon balm

February 11, 2015 0
Wild lemon balm –lat. Melissa oficinalis- can be found in the Subcarpathian Mountains. Lemon balm is a perennial herb from the mint family. The leaves, which have a mild lemon aroma, are used to make […]