Truffle honey


We put the black gold of Buzau, truffles –  the treasure of the Carpathian Garden, in a small jar together with acacia honey – the golden elixir. Specially trained dogs find truffles in Buzau forest which also hosts acacia trees. The honey is flavoured with slices of fresh truffles and offers you a product that can be used for  unexpected […]

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Truffe Season Opening


An exclusive culinary event in Buzau forest – organised by Terra Carpatica: Truffle hunting – Cooking show with Horia Virlan and Jakob Hausmann –  8 course truffle dinner – wine tasting – Presentation of truffle products.

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Romanian country bread pie


    Bread is a sanctuary for Romanians. Like in many Mediterranean countries, bread is a must and served with nearly all dishes, especially in the countryside. Unfortunately, the quality of the majority of today’s bread cannot be compared to former times. The cheap 1 Lei bread you find in nearly all magazines is made of low quality flour and […]

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