Conacul Grigorescu – The neo-brancovanesc style mansion was built in 1930 by the great land owner C.C. Grigorescu. For many years the house and the surrounding land were used for a local wine and brandy production. During world war II Conacul Grigorescu was used as hospital for wounded soldiers and shelter for the local inhabitants. The mansion has been abandoned more than 20 years ago and stayed empty until 2011 when it was bought by our family. At that time, the mansion was inhabitable and partially destroyed. A step by step renovation was done with local craftsmen and local construction materials in order to recuperate the original structure and beauty of the mansion.

Conacul Grigorescu – today

Today, the mansion is completely renovated, our private house and head office of Terra Carpatica. The mansion is located at the entrance of the Buzau river valley, close to the Dealu Mare wine area and the Muddy Volcanoes. It is surrounded by abundant fauna and flora of the Subcarpathian forests and mountains and offers perfect conditions for artisanal food ideas from the Carpathian garden.

The estate offers the following facilities for private events and artisanal food production:

Garden pavillion of Grigorescu Mansion

Perfect for: Small private events, wine tasting and cooking classes
Capacity: Max. 20 persons
Only upon prior reservation

Casa Noelia (currently under renovation – opening in April 2018)

The annex of Grigorescu mansion was used as garage and as venue for small private events (i.e. village weddings) during the 60s and 70s. In May 2017, a complete renovation and partially new construction has started in order to transform the annex into a traditional Wallachian country-style house. The renovation project draws a lot of attention to details like the wood work for the traditional Romanian verandah. The opening is planned for April 2018. Casa Noelia will host an office, a delicatessen shop and a venue for private events.

Perfect for: Private events, management meeting, team buildings, workshops and cooking classes.
Capacity: Max. 60 persons
Only upon prior reservation

Outdoor Cooking Area

The outdoor cooking area will be available from April 2018. The cooking area offers a great view to Buzau valley and the Carpathian Mountains and contains a roofed cooking facility with a traditional wood oven, a barbecue, a fireplace for a traditional cooking pot and a smoke house – a perfect place for team cooking and artisanal food workshops.

Capacity: Max. 25 persons
Only upon prior reservation

Garden of the mansion

Buzau valley is blessed with an extraordinary climate. 2000 hours of sunshine and wind-protected hills offer perfect conditions for the growth of vegetables and fruits. The garden and orchard of Grigorescu mansion provides the majority of products we use for private events and cooking classes: herbs, spices, tomatoes, eggplants, plums and many more. Everything is grown organically and without artificial fertilisers.

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