Promotion of Culinary Treasures of the Carpathian Garden

Terra Carpatica aims to promote the unspoiled culinary treasures of the Carpathian Mountains, one of Europe´s most amazing natural environment. We believe that Romania´s flora and fauna has an extraordinary potential to deliver natural, healthy and premium food. But many traditions kept over decades are falling into oblivion with the success of imported and convenience food.

Slow Food

Our philosophy is based on the slow food concept with fresh, regional and high-quality products. That´s why we only work with selected local farmers, small producers, hunters and wine producers. Based on the old forgotten Romanian food traditions our experienced chefs bring an international touch to the products of the Carpathian garden. Just to mention a couple of the products: fresh Carpathian truffles & mushroom, venison products, smoked freshwater fish, goat creme cheese or rarely used fruits and herbs like elderberries or wild lemon balm- we want to create a unique fusion cuisine: taste the different side of Romania!

Our portfolio

  • Organisation of culinary tours & events
  • Cooking classes and artisanal food workshops
  • Catering services for business events and tourist groups
  • Production and distribution of artisanal Carpathian fine food and culinary souvenirs

Terra Carpatica has been founded in 2011 and is led by a passionate German-Romanian management. Please contact or visit us for further information.