Spicy “Babic” chicken with wild garlic risotto


Babic is a traditional spicy salami from Buzau county. The name Babic has Serbian roots and the original recipe for this homemade sausages comes probably from Serbia. The legend says that Napoleon, retreating from a disastrous battle in Russia, stopped one night in Buzau, hosted by the nobleman Vernescu (today Memorial House Vernescu in the village of Parscov). Napoleon was […]

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Peach-yoghurt cake


Yoghurt always reminds me of my childhood in Romania. Most of the milk products sold in stores today do not taste like they used to. Go to the farmer markets in Bucharest and search the small farmers, not the professional ones. They still bring their own milk and milk products besides the vegetables and fruits. The Romanian countryside yoghurt must […]

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Penny bun – Boletus


Penny Bun Boletus edulis is a very popular mushroom. It has many common name Cep in France, Porcini in Italy, Steinpilz in Germany and Hrib in Romania. The generic name Boletus comes from the Greek bolos, meaning ”lump of clay”, while the specific epithet edulis means ”edible”. Penny Buns are found in woodlands, commonly with oak, birch, beech and pine. It is […]

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